Build your products for growth

With over 7,000 mar-tech solutions, things get complex very quickly. 
We untangle your CRM/sales-tech, mar-tech/ad-tech, and data/analytics/intelligence complexity
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New Products

Growth through new Product Innovation and Launch. Increase ARPU


Growth requires product thinking:
integrated strategies and decisions across marketing, product, sales, and customer success

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Convert your marketing into growth marketing to increase ROI and reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Launch new products on the right channels to the right audience and convert your product into a channel for customer acquisition and retention

Transform your customer data/CRM and analytics/data science into easy to use and scalable internal products

We are your trusted growth partner with expertise in product management, mar-tech/ad-tech, CRM/customer data, analytics, and data science

Customer success is one of our core values

"StatsLateral team added great value to our growth strategy through new product innovation, customer focus, and transparency.  StatsLateral has a deep understanding of the ad-tech, mar-tech, and CRM/customer data. They delivered a differentiated SaaS product fast and cost-effectively. StatsLateral's approach of integrated strategy helped with our product launch, go-to-market, and revenue growth.                                                        

-- Anthony Yam, SVP of Product at Flashtalking


"StatsLateral managed consumer product strategy and new product launch for one of our portfolio companies. StatsLateral used an integrated strategic approach with a focus on product led growth. They helped the team to understand the key user value to drive product management and customer acquisition. I look forward to working with them again.”

-- Kyle Cox, Partner at ATP Fund


What is your growth roadmap?

Focusing on goals within a functional silo will deliver only limited growth;

Applying the latest product-thinking across the organization to successfully deliver the growth objectives

Mar-tech/ad-tech stack, customer data/CRM, and analytics/data science must be easy to use and scalable internal products

Lifetime value (LTV), Churn, Average contract value (ACV or ARPU), Customer acquisition cost (CAC), etc. are strategic growth initiatives and not just"after the fact" metrics

There are no silver bullet solutions to growth; it requires focus on results and learning through continuous cross-functional experimentation