We innovate, build and deliver success just like your own team

We provide on-demand, teams for product strategy, development, and growth based on our integrated approach to product strategy and management


Our Core Values

  • Customer success: We do not declare victory without customer success

  • Complete ownership: We are responsible for every success and failure. Period.

  • Simplify: We find ways to explain it to a 4th grader and to a granny

  • Fast & Scrappy: We believe speedy and low cost innovations are secret to success

  • Measurable: If we can’t measure, we won’t do it (or recommend to do it)

Our Differentiators

  • We provide world-class product management & leadership; we are not a low-cost offshore team

  • We own and deliver on a broad range of tech product/market issues and challenges

  • We are truly scrappy and results-oriented so that

    • our customers can fire more shots and/or

    • conserve cash in the challenging economic times while staying competitive