We are working on a brand new product for competitive analysis with a vision to superhumanize our users


Competitive Analysis Product (Beta)


We are excited to launch a new product for competitors' product analysis and insights. As a product marketer, product manager, or sales executive, competitive analysis is critical for you to make the right decisions. Although, competitive analysis remains cumbersome, subjective, and outdated. 

We are building a product (currently in beta) to provide you an in-depth analysis of competitors' products and capabilities. Our product leverages AI to provide a super-easy way to research/aggregate data, analyze and create insights on your competitors.


An Example of Analysis and Insights from the Product

The product can deliver well-known competitive frameworks like SWOT analysis, 2x2 charts on competencies, etc. In addition to data visualizations such as heatmaps, spider charts, etc., our intelligent product generates valuable insights for the users.

  • Key Insights (sample output)

    • ​Of the 20 potential competitors, looks like our Product X directly competes with 4 of the competitors.

    • Company A seems to be strongest in Product X, Company B in Product Y, and Company C in Product Z.

    • As per the proposed roadmap, we (as a company that uses our product) may become a direct competitor with Company D and E.

    • With this product launch, our sales teams may end up competing with Company F, G, and H. Not so much with Company A, B and C as per the data.

    • Our sales team can confidently state that competitors A through F do not offer the product capabilities C1, C2, and C3.

Case Study: Competitive Insights on Personalized Marketing Tech