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A new product launch is critical to deliver not only revenue growth but also other benefits like increased market share, competitive advantage, enhanced customer engagement, etc. 

In a high-growth company, teams often treat a new product launch as a silver bullet solution. That is, after the next new product is launched, they will be able to support the growth trajectory. Whereas in reality, growth is the sum of several shots fired during new product development and launch.

Traditionally, product development and launch have been risky. After months of hard work and significant investment, the new product may fail to contribute to the desired growth. 

More recently, a new breed of product marketing experts has applied a growth mindset into product launch by focusing on rapid and controlled experimentations and data-driven decisions in the target market. This has allowed companies to quickly learn and validate the market fit and readiness and bring useful product feedback for the product strategy and development teams. Hence, in a growth mindset, the product development and launch go hand-in-hand, reducing the risk to market failure and improving growth potential.

Based on our deep product launch and management experience, we published the best practice approach on how to apply a growth mindset to a new product launch in our blog.

How to apply a growth mindset to a new product launch?


"StatsLateral team added great value to our growth strategy through new product innovation, customer focus, and transparency.  StatsLateral has a deep understanding of the ad-tech, mar-tech, and CRM/customer data. They delivered a differentiated SaaS product fast and cost-effectively. StatsLateral's approach of integrated strategy helped with our product launch, go-to-market, and revenue growth.                                                        

-- Anthony Yam, SVP of Product at Flashtalking


Why StatsLateral?

We work hard to create a partnership based on success and apply our core values to each client engagement:

  • We have delivered success as C-level mar-tech and ad-tech product executives and managers, go-to-market strategists, and growth marketers.

  • Our teams have in-depth expertise covering the breadth and depth of the marketing, CRM, and growth ecosystems.

  • We have partnered and worked closely in the industry with both dominant players like Facebook, Google, Salesforce, etc., and with new AI startups that provide innovative machine learning-powered emails, and content/copies, etc.

  • We have been part of tech startups, top strategy consulting teams, and engineering and data science teams to build innovative software.

We apply our unique skill-set to understand the breadth of 7000+ mar-tech solutions and provide depth of customer journeys and experience management for business success. 

Our clients drive these benefits from our approach:

  • Applying our expertise to truly understand a problem and provide a strategic solution

  • Fully transparent pricing based on the impact our consultants generate and low-cost alternatives just like we will do for our own business

Our Core Values

  • Customer success: We do not declare victory without customer success

  • Complete ownership: We are responsible for every success and failure. Period.

  • Simplify: We find ways to explain it to a 4th grader and to a granny

  • Fast & Scrappy: We believe speedy and low-cost innovations are secret to growth

  • Measurable: If we can’t measure, we won’t do it (or recommend doing it)