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Competitive Product Analysis on Digital Personalization


A head of sales (CRO), at a post-series C growth stage Digital Personalization company, would like to develop a deeper understanding of the competitors. Some of his key questions were:

  • How should I look at competition - direct competitors (offering same capabilities) and not so direct (offering somewhat similar capabilities)?

  • What capabilities do they offer?

  • How do they position in the market?


The CRO hears about the StatsLateral product through his professional network and he signs up as a beta user. He refers to a Gartner report published a year back, which has not been refreshed since the. After signing up on StatsLateral, the user is able to:

  • View an expanded list of potential competitors (way more than Gartner's report) to select the most relevant companies for competitive insights

  • Review a detailed list of product capabilities offered by the competitors and runs a comprehensive StatsLateral analysis on 27 companies and over 25 capabilities

  • Generate competitive product analysis for the selected companies at the click of a button


Within minutes, the head of sales is able to generate insights on 27 direct and in-direct competitors with over two dozen product capabilities. Some of these insights were:

  • Three competitors seem to have deeper capabilities for "Personalized Recommendations", which is the core capability of his company

  • More than 50% of the competitors are offering "Artificial Intelligence" and "Machine Learning" based capabilities, hence diluting AI-based positioning in the market. Only two competitors offer "Deep Learning"

  • The least addressed capabilities across the competitors are: Individual Personalization, E-commerce Personalization and Retargeting Personalization

  • Some of the competitors offer channel-specific specialization:

- Four in "Email Marketing"

- Six in "Social Media"

- Two in "Mobile Marketing"

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