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Integrated Product Strategy, PM Team and Process Assessment

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

“Based on our insights on Integrated Approach to Product Strategy, we are offering an introductory assessment of the product management practices in your company”

Value Offered (Based on real conversations)

  • CEO: "I have established a great company business strategy and vision with the support of my board and investors. I want the product managers to convert the vision into products that our customers would love."

  • CTO: "I have a great tech team and we are stoked about the company vision. I want product managers to own the roadmaps and lead the process so that we can leverage our core tech capabilities, avoid "waste" and super-humanize the engineering teams."

  • CRO/CMO: "We have created an exciting brand in the market. We want the product management team to integrate our go-to-market strategy with the product roadmaps, customer experience and metrics to validate strategies."


Today, we all know that product management plays a critical role to achieve success for a tech company. Although, PM remains the hardest function to build. So much discussion on PM best practices in the tech industry means that each PM team is set up differently in different companies. Some of our insights, on how a PM team and leadership evolves, were shared in Hiring Your First VP of Product.

In this offering, we provide a cross-functional assessment for:

  • Clarity of product vision & strategy;

  • Understanding of the target market and product-market fit;

  • Leveraging best methodology (user journeys maps, value & scale criteria, design thinking);

  • Managing product roadmaps and releases to increase overall productivity and support innovation/R&D;

  • Effective product launches & measurements.

As an outcome, an executive team can expect to make and refine decisions on type of product leaders/managers required, integrate strategy across functions and combine intuition with science through measurements.

This is a free* offering as part of our Founders' Friends approach.

* - As a free offering, we spend about a day to learn about your business situation, industry conditions, team culture and key people. We then overlay our deep product leadership and tech startups experience to share our viewpoints.

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