• Shikhin Agarwal

Competitive Analysis of Video Capabilities Among FB Marketing Partners

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

One of the key skills that a successful business manager requires is the ability to identify relevant information and generate right insights from the clutter of information. This is not an easy task for most of us especially with the ever increasing amount of information, feeds, blogs, etc. So we decided to build a tool to generate insights from unstructured information for business managers. This post focuses on product managers and we will publish more relevant insights in future for other functions like Sales, Business Development and Marketing.

As an example -- In continuation to our last blog on Facebook Marketing Partners ecosystem, we ran a ton of information through our proprietary product (currently in beta). Over last 6 months (as of June 2017), FB added 35 new partners in their marketing ecosystem. The top two capabilities areas of these new partners were in Video and Local / Store / Retail.

While it is possible for product managers to conduct manual research and relatively quickly generate high level insights, a typical product manager requires right level of details to excel in their job. With our product, we are were able to generate the following insights in minutes, and now our users can access these insights in an eye blink.

A Quick View Into Comparison of Video Capabilities Among FB Marketing Partners

Green color shows relative strength of a company’s capability whereas yellow means particular features may not be as strong compared to competitors. Red means our AI algorithms couldn’t find enough evidence of these features.

In conclusion, Idomoo is primarily differentiated on video and data personalization, and has the most to offer in video capabilities as of July 2017.

For a target list of companies, several at a time for now, we can provide a fair comparison of company capabilities and their go-to market efforts -- at the flick of a button (it’s coming sooner than you think -- our v1 release after beta)

If I were a product manager at Amobee or 4CInsights,

  • I would have a better judgment on market and differentiation for video capabilities

  • I could quickly verify my roadmap against what other companies were offering

The list of partners, as we shared before, is too long to be compared on one chart. Our algorithms can provide such insights for hundreds of features/capabilities across dozens of companies. Or we can reverse engineer a detailed product roadmap of a company (more on this shortly).