We engage in one of the following ways:


Founders’ friends (value through discussions, our freemium offering)

We are your EIR, the kind who really care about your success. The most interesting thing about the tech industry for the past 20 years is that nobody knows it all or has the right answer. We provide the contrarian view, push the thinking and point you in the right direction. We really want you to be successful and establish a deeper relationship with us.

As your professional friend, we typically spent a few hours every month with a startup team or founders. At times, the teams prefer to bounce off ideas (ways to pivot) and strategies (pros and cons of direct vs. indirect selling), get a professional referral for a partnership or receive references from our network for professionals who might fit well with your talent pool.

"We are a Toronto-headquartered DMZ accelerator company. Shikhin and Abbas from StatsLateral have helped with several key decisions over time. I really value their point of view on product-market fit, raising capital and hiring right people"

Parag Goswami: CEO, Co-founder at


By delivering results (get paid for delivering results)

We own a goal/result. Launch a product. Create differentiators. Improve product-market fit. And so on. We leverage our experience and best judgment to recommend potential target goals and milestones.


Almost every category of product market has become highly competitive as shipping software has increasingly frictionless. The most successful companies are able to continuously build new differentiated capabilities at scale to win in the market.

"Crowdbabble used to operate in a crowded space with low differentiation. Shikhin helped me find a new growth trajectory -- he raised money, hired data scientists and launched a new AI-based analytics product. He then created M&A-based growth opportunities. I really liked his results-oriented approach and decided to join StatsLateral as an advisor.

Abbas Alidina: CEO, Founder at Crowdbabble


Equity-based (with a select few, we earn through sweat equity)

We are like your co-founders. One of us or all of us may join your team in the right role.


We combine our superpowers in product management, tech development, and startup management to deliver whatever is needed to achieve that next milestone. We invest our most precious resource - time and bring professional investment as needed. We own the growth and build and sell to achieve it.