New Products: Increase ARPU/ACV, Revenue, LTV

  • Create product experiments to test growth assumptions and elevate thinking across the organization

  • Innovate new products that improve retention (measured in $) and ARPU to deliver strategic growth objectives of increased LTV

  • Implement data-driven product-market fit across customer segments and influence customer journeys

  • Leverage customer data to find the most effective acquisition and retention channels

The traditional product development and launch process offers limited learning for growth. A growth mindset is about firing more shots to learn and refine product strategy

New product idea → R&D experiments (product feasibility) → Launch experiments (customer and product market fit) → product development experiments → Onboarding with current customers (experiments for value and saleability) → more product development experiments → and so on…

New product development and launch with a growth mindset

Our clients have achieved their growth objectives with our product launch process with a growth mindset