We add the most value to the companies that have the product-market fit and are on a path to scale.


We have delivered success in product management, data science/analytics, mar-tech and ad-tech stacks, CRM data and tools, and engineering.

Our areas of focus are:

Product Led Growth: Reduce CAC, Churn (Increase Retention) and Increase Revenue, ARPU

  • Creating a product strategy to achieve networked effects and viral growth within product experiences

  • Designing product experiences to achieve growth objectives to acquire and retain customers

  • Integrating customer/user journeys to the entire customer lifecycle to generate customer insights

  • Transforming data and mar-tech stack into internal product

Increase Retention: Reduce Churn, Increase LTV

  • Find ways to reduce churn or achieve negative churn (measured $) to maximize LTV

  • Jumpstart word of mouth and viral marketing for acquisition through higher retention and customer advocacy

  • Transform CRM and customer data into learning and products to supercharge the performance of sales, marketing, and product teams

  • Create a scalable approach for new customer activation, retention and re-targeting through personalization