We add the most value to startups or companies that have market access for new ideas or have products/platforms with a few customers


CEO & Co-founders

  • Evaluation of and designing for networked effects, marketplaces and platforms

  • Business strategy for the build, partner or buy decisioning

  • Growth options through M&A or deeper integrations

  • Navigating the ecosystem (including strategic investors) for raising capital

  • Go-to market strategy of freemium, direct and in-direct sales


Product Strategy

  • Managing product strategy as a Head of Product/CPO

  • Industry or product ecosystem analysis and competitive insights

  • Delivering 3-10 year product strategy and vision to the CEO / Board

  • Evaluation of business models - SaaS, Freemium, hybrid of SaaS + services

  • Decisioning for platform business model and leveraging developer ecosystems


Roadmaps, User Experience & Execution

  • Hiring product management leaders and talent

  • Agile/Lean startup based build, measure and learn product methodology

  • Designing of user journeys and value hypothesis validation

  • Product development on modern tech stack / AI-ML / chatbots

  • Development of product metrics and measurements


Product Marketing

  • Go-to-market Strategy: Market segmentation, Buyer Personas & Journeys

  • Product-market fit and scale

  • Competitive Intelligence, Positioning, and Differentiation

  • New Product launch

  • Sales enablement with decks, demo, and collateral

  • Product/platform pricing and solutioning



  • Seamless customer experience delivery across marketing, sales, and support

  • Develop and execute growth experiments

  • Leveraging for growth customer interactions across all touchpoints

  • Deploying viral, freemium, and latest digital stack for test & learn marketing

  • Implementing measurement based market growth strategies


Tech Strategy & Decisioning

  • Product architecture and operational designs

  • Tech decisioning on types of apps, chatbots and voice interfaces

  • Rapid prototyping and product releases

  • Full stack web/app/voice/chatbot based product development


Corporate Strategy

  • Setting up and/or joining an Advisory Board and Board of Directors

  • Refining/creating an investment thesis for GPs

  • Ecosystem analysis for follow-on investing or exit optionality