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FOR EXAMPLE: Over the past couple of years, there has been an explosion of freelancer agencies and marketplaces. More and more businesses require support with product management & innovation, growth product managers, and growth or marketing tech and experts. In our senior leadership roles, we have hired freelancers as well and have direct insights on what works and what doesn’t:

  • A freelancer may be a great choice if the problem is well defined and specific - a set of execution issues related to a process or a tool.

  • You must have time and skills to manage a freelancer. Generally, a freelancer looks for specific tasks and direction and very rarely drives results.

  • Typically, a freelancer is looking for a gig, that is, a well-defined problem to solve for. Once a gig is over (successfully or not), they move on to the next gig. This generally lacks a long-term partnership mindset.

In most of our experience, you will need a reliable consultant who can partner with your teams to:

  • help you refine the problem,

  • apply expertise to solve strategic challenges, and

  • provide a solution for both short and long-term success. 


For example, if you are looking to fix a specific tracking and analytics issue with, say, Google Analytics (GA) and your team knows exactly what they want, a GA freelancer will be a better fit. On the other hand, if you are looking to solve marketing measurement and decision challenges to improve broader marketing performance, you need an expert with strategic thinking.

Freelancer agencies and marketplaces that seemingly provide easy and broad access to freelancers have the following drawbacks:

  • Freelancer agencies are generally non-transparent and charge a very high commission, at times, up to 50% of the contract value

  • Some marketplaces and agencies double-dip by charging both their clients and freelancers

  • Freelancers and agencies are not incentivized to take ownership. They either rely on high demand/volume or spin cycles that generate mediocre results, often attributing failures to the complexity of the ecosystems.

In the end, as a business owner and leader, you are responsible for success but both the freelancer and her agency lack the ownership to deliver success. These challenges are significant when you need support with strategic topics like product management, growth marketing, innovation, marketing tech, intelligence-based decision systems, etc.

In a recent example - we recently drove a project to success to fix a client situation in which a prior freelancer spent over 3 months unsuccessfully building a “customer lifecycle management” process. Instead, the client's growth, marketing and product teams needed a strategic solution for “how to improve cross-sell and up-sell revenue”. We owned these retention objectives, created a new CRM strategy with a focus on up and cross-selling, and helped build a modern CRM solution with both short-term and long-term goals in mind.

We worked with Shikhin to create our growth and CRM capabilities to improve our growth strategy. He was instrumental for us to plan across the breadth of organic & performance marketing, CRM, and martech & adtech. We were able to simplify the complexity of growth tech with this partnership through growth tech roadmaps, identification of tech partners, and creation of the right teams and capabilities for future growth

-- Alberto Barcelos, VP of Product at Taxfix GmbH

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Why StatsLateral?

We work hard to create a partnership based on success and apply our core values to each client engagement:

  • We have in-depth expertise covering the breadth and depth of the marketing, CRM, and growth ecosystems.

  • Our people have delivered success as C-level mar-tech and ad-tech executives, product strategists & managers, and growth marketers.

  • We have partnered and worked closely in the industry with both dominant players like Facebook, Google, Salesforce, etc., and with new AI startups that provide innovative machine learning-powered emails, and content/copies, etc.

  • We have been part of tech startups, top strategy consulting teams, and engineering and data science teams to build innovative software.

We apply our unique skill-set to understand the breadth of 7000+ mar-tech solutions and provide depth of customer journeys and experience management for business success. 

Our clients drive these benefits from our approach:

  • Applying our expertise to truly understand a problem and provide a strategic solution

  • Fully transparent pricing based on the impact our consultants generate and low-cost alternatives just like we will do for our own business

Our Core Values

  • Customer success: We do not declare victory without customer success

  • Complete ownership: We are responsible for every success and failure. Period.

  • Simplify: We find ways to explain it to a 4th grader and to a granny

  • Fast & Scrappy: We believe speedy and low-cost innovations are secret to growth

  • Measurable: If we can’t measure, we won’t do it (or recommend doing it)