Growth Marketing - Scaling Acquisition: Reduce CAC, Increase Conversion and ROI

  • Deploying the full power of the (ad-tech) platforms Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, etc. through targeting, personalization, attribution, and analytics

  • Making marketing decisions based on product-user behavior, CRM/customer data, etc. across the entire customer lifecycle

  • Scaling organic channels (mar-tech) such as Emails, Organic Search, Social Media, Mobile Texts, Chats, etc. for acquisition

  • Test and scale go-to-market, market positioning & differentiation, and segmentation & personalization

Growth marketing needs to focus on multiple marketing capabilities (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, and Re-targeting) across the entire customer lifecycle

Customer lifecycle.jpg

Growth marketing requires finding the right fit of acquisition channels based on your product to channel fit, business model, and channel characteristics